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It feels like we have been around the web about 80 times now especially the little corner of it filled with dental content and we have decided to draw a list of our favourite dental blogs:


From the UK


http://gdpuk.com – GDPUK is a popular online forum for dentists in the UK. The site has several regular contributors to the blog who discuss the latest issues facing UK dentists.


http://7connections.com/blog/ – Excellent blog from dental business coach Chris Barrow and the team at 7 connections. The blog contains lots of great articles about running a successful dental practice.


http://www.markoborn.com/blog/ – Dental Marketing expert Mark Oborns blog. Read for some excellent tips about the finer points of marketing your dental practice.


http://www.dental-design.co.uk/blog/ – Dental marketing experts Dental Design run a great blog on their site. The team their update regularly and it is packed full of great dental marketing tips and advice.


From the USA – From reviewing blogs and online discussions, I have to say that some of our colleagues across the pond put us to shame when it comes to their commitment to running a dental practice. They have all their angles covered!!! Here are some of the leading online voices from the US in dental marketing and practice management.


http://nomiwaters.com – Passionate practice manager Nomi Waters runs an online dental marketing forum and also loves to blog. Nomi’s blog is full engaging and interesting articles for anyone who is involved in running or running or marketing a dental practice.


http://www.mississippidentalconsulting.com – Lisa Marie Spradley is the principal of TCB Dental Consulting and runs the Front Desk Lady blog. The blog contains lots of well thought out and insightful posts about running a front desk in a dental practice.


http://thedentalwarrior.com/ – This is the blog of dentist Dr Michael Barr. Michael was building his online niche around the same time as Larry Page and Sergey Brin (founders of google) and that stands him in good stead today as his link juice legacy sees him rank top for many dental terms. This also means he knows lots about dentistry and lots about online marketing so check it out.


http://www.dentalbuzz.com/ – Registered Dental Hygienists, Trish Walraven and Eva Watson talk about all things dental. Posts are well thought out, informative and a little bit quirky.


http://goaskfred.com/ – Founder of US based dental referral agency 1-800-DENTIST, Fred Joyal shares what he has learned from over 20 years of marketing dental practices. The blog contains marketing, advertising and management articles.


http://www.madow.com/blog/ – The Madow Brother are renowned dental business trainers. Read their blog for some great tips about maximising the potential of your practice.


http://mysocialpractice.com/category/blog/ – This is the blog of US based social media experts mysocialpractice. These guys give lots of thought about how you can promote and grow your practice through social media and their are some great ideas for campaigns on there.


http://excursives.com/ – This well-written and often hilarious blog takes a detour off the beaten path of clinical discussions and takes a closer look at the “people” side of dentistry – dealing with patients, managing a practice and all that comes with it, and being a good entrepreneurial dentist when growing your practice.

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