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X-factor winner James Arthur achieves great orthodontic results

X Factor winner, James Arthur, has been busy showing off his new smile after undergoing orthodontic treatment.   The singer from Middlesbrough made no secret of the fact that he was very self-conscious about his crooked teeth during his time on the show in 2012 and pledged to get his teeth fixed as soon as he was crowned champion.     Now, almost 18 months later, James is sporting a brand new smile thanks to orthodontic treatment. James couldn’t wait to show off the results of treatment, posting a snap on his Twitter page with the caption, “I just got my top braces off which is nice. Looking forward to … Continue reading

Illegal teeth whiteners are carrying on regardless

The colour of your smile is under scrutiny, from other people, the media and even your own reflection in the mirror. Tooth whitening procedures are more popular than ever, and all over the country, every day, members of the public purchase a tooth whitening procedure to enhance the colour of their teeth.   On the internet, daily deal websites, social media and on the high street there are many methods that can be used to achieve whiter teeth, from home kits, to office whitening and even laser whitening. These can be accessed from dental practices, beauty salons/spas and so called mobile “teeth whitening technicians”. However, it is only dental professionals … Continue reading

The interminable fluoridation debate – is it time to call a halt?

An article in a recent British Dental Journal revisits the issue of fluoride intake of children. The article points out that very young children are particularly and positively affected by the availability of fluoridated drinking water, that diet is the only source of fluoride for most infants and the importance of dietary evaluation prior to recommending the use of additional fluoride supplements Zohoori, F.V., Whaley, G., Moynihan P.J. and Maguire A. BDJ, 216, E3 (2014).   The scientific validity of claims for the effectiveness of drinking water fluoridation are generally questioned only by those whose position is radically anti-fluoride, whether their opposition is claimed to be based on the science … Continue reading

Study finds vast regional differences in the cost of private dentistry

A recent article in the Telegraph has highlighted major variations in the price of private dental treatment. To be fair that is not news to us as the inequalities in dental pricing was one of the main ideas behind TeethWise, however it does confirm our findings.     The article was based on a study released by whatclinic which found that the cost of private dental treatment in the UK varies by 347% depending on where you live. Experts have claimed it is a classic sign of “an inefficient market”.   The study was based on the cost of treatment at 11,000 UK based private dental clinics. Based on the … Continue reading

Interview with Dr Paul Tipton

This month our dentistry interview is with Paul Tipton. Paul is an internationally acclaimed Prosthodontist who has worked in private practice for more than 30 years. Paul is the founder of Tipton Training Ltd, one of the UK’s leading private dental academies, past President of the British Academy of Implant Dentistry and the author of over one 100 scientific articles for the dental press.   You started out as professional cricket player Paul. What prompted the change in career direction?   I was playing for England under-19’s when Lancashire offered me a contract, which I accepted. I was going to university to study dentistry in any case, so I delayed … Continue reading

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