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Root Canal Treatment – Myth v Reality

Everyone has heard of root canal treatment, and pretty much everyone seems to be terrified of it. However, this is a classic example of myth becoming reality in most people’s minds. The fact is that a root canal procedure is nothing to be afraid of and is not even painful, contrary to what others may tell you.   So, how exactly did this myth come about? The likelihood is that it stems from the days when dental technology was not as efficient as it now is, and it would have been very difficult indeed to detect an abscess lodged deep within a tooth. For this reason, it is fairly certain … Continue reading

Dental News This Week

We’ll start our round-up of dental news stories this week with the results of a study linking dental health to dementia. The study followed 5,500 people and found a higher incidences of dementia amoungst people who regularly brushed their teeth. Is this related to gum disease or does the fact that people don’t brush their teeth daily say more about their lifestyle.   Dental Implant manufacturers Straumann and Nobel Biocare both released half year results this week. Straumann missed out on analysts estimates for the latest quarter seeing its shares drop as much as 7.5%. Straumann estimates that the global market for dental implants will remain stable at best this year. Nobel’s … Continue reading

DHW Oz – Smoking

Today we are continuing our coverage of the issues being raised by Dental Health Week Australia, which is dedicating this week to promoting good oral health. Today the oral health culprit is smoking.   A major problem of smoking (when it comes to oral health, the other health and lifestyle issues caused by smoking are very well known) is that it can hide the damage taking place to teeth and gums. Usually infected gums are red, puffy and bleed easily when they are brushed. Smokers’ gums are not like this – they are pale and thin and do not bleed readily.   The Role of Nicotine   The nicotine in tobacco smoke is called a … Continue reading

NHS targets foreign markets

British Hospital Trusts are being encouraged to set up hospitals abroad in a bid to take advantage of the NHS’s reputation and level of service and export the NHS brand. It is hoped that foreign branches will return profits to the trusts. This is believed to be the next stage in medical tourism which will see healthcare providers travelling to provide local services for patients.      Medical tourism experts believe that patients want to be treated close to home. As a result leading hospital groups are now moving into developing countries. To capitalise on this, the British government is establishing a new interdepartmental group called Healthcare UK. Trade officials based overseas will … Continue reading

Chronic smoking statistics in developing countries

Analysis of data gathered by the World Health Organisation highlights chronic smoking trends in developing countries. Tobacco usage is highest amongst men with almost 50% of men surveyed using a tobacco product, compared to 11.3% of women. 40.7% of men surveyed smoked a tobacco product compared to 5% of women. 60.2% of men surveyed in Russia smoke. The WHO warns that “if current trends continue, it will cause up to one billion deaths in the 21st century.”   The findings have highlighted the following trends:   There are very high rates of smoking amongst men Women are starting to smoke at an earlier age Quit rates are very low – <20% in China, India, Egypt, Russia and Bangladesh   This analysis … Continue reading

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