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Our favourite dental blogs

It feels like we have been around the web about 80 times now especially the little corner of it filled with dental content and we have decided to draw a list of our favourite dental blogs:   From the UK   http://gdpuk.com – GDPUK is a popular online forum for dentists in the UK. The site has several regular contributors to the blog who discuss the latest issues facing UK dentists.   http://7connections.com/blog/ – Excellent blog from dental business coach Chris Barrow and the team at 7 connections. The blog contains lots of great articles about running a successful dental practice.   http://www.markoborn.com/blog/ – Dental Marketing expert Mark Oborns blog. … Continue reading

GDC Guidance on Social Media

More and more dentists and members of the dental team are taking to social networks to share articles, opinions and photos, so it comes as no surprise that the GDC has published guidance on what they see as acceptable conduct. In essence the rules have not changed and dental professionals are expected to respect patient confidentiality and act professionally and responsibly. To be fair the guidance is light and was prompted by increased risks due to the very public nature of social media and the potential of content to go “viral”.     Are you sure its anonymous?   The guidelines relate to clinic profiles and personal accounts, even if … Continue reading

10 Fantastic Dental Websites

So its taken a while to compile but here is the list of our favourite dental clinic websites in the UK. We look primarily at design and content while always bearing in mind the overall objective of a dental clinic’s website is to build trust and credibility and thus encourage new patients to arrange an appointment. We have picked out our 10 favourite sites which are listed below. If we have missed yours and you think it is worthy of inclusion on our next list, please get in touch:     1. Shine Dental Care – http://www.shinedentalcare.co.uk/     Our favourite site is Shine Dental Care’s. It is excellently designed and has great personalised content both of which give an excellent first impression of the clinic. The home … Continue reading

Why you need Google +

SEO and the factors that determine your search ranking are changing, backlinks are still vital but evidence is showing that social signals are becoming increasingly important. Whilst I did not intend to promote Google + with this post, there is increasing evidence that it is now a big determinant of search rankings. Recent studies by several SEO experts are showing an increase in the correlation between activity on the G+ network and search positions.   One such study carried out by SEO experts Moz have shown that Google + is the factor most closely correlated to search results after domain authority (which is a factor of your age, size and inbound links). Another study by Searchmetrics ranked Google +1 as the factor … Continue reading

Dental E-marketing Survey Results

We would like to thank all those who participated in our e-marketing survey at the British Dental Association and Association of Dental Implantology conferences this year. The aim of the survey was to guage how dentists are using the internet to promote their clinic and recruit new patients. The survey asked dentists the following questions:   1. Which online mediums do you use to market your clinic? 2. How much does your clinic spend annually on marketing? 3. How many enquiries do you get per month as a result of your marketing activities? 4. Who coordinates your marketing efforts?   We surveyed 60 private clinics in the UK. If you would … Continue reading

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