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BDA & ADI Conferences

So a few weeks have passed since we attended the BDA conference at the Excel in London and the ADI conference at the Convention Centre in Manchester. Feedback at the conferences was really positive and it was great to meet with so mant dentists that are passionate about what they do and are looking to grow there practice. I would like to thank all the dentists who pre-registered over the 2 weeks and also those who took aprt in our survey. Yesterday I added the 50th profile to the site so whilst still small it feels like a landmark of sorts. Hopefully now we can create a stream of patients for … Continue reading

Easter Update

So it has been a while since I have blogged on here. Have been really busy with the site updates and my day job. The good news is that the site updates are almost finished. The clinic registration page has been added so dentists now register directly on the site. Clinic details are saved in a database which allows patients to search for clinics in there area. Clinics can upload cost details of procedures in their clinics and this will allow patients to compare costs on the site. These three changes will massively improve the functionality of the site for users and I am really looking forward to getting some feedback on … Continue reading

New clinics added

Check out the two latest clinics to join the site.   Hampshire Implant Centre   Dental Implants Reading  

New partner clinics added

We are now able to arrange treatment with 2 new clinics in the UK. Our 2 partner clinics located in London and Edinburgh are both dental implant specialists. Please see the following links for more information on these clinics.   Dental Implants London   Dental Implants Scotland

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