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TOWIE newcomer could face prosecution for illegal teeth whitening

The Only Was Is Essex (TOWIE) newcomer Grace Andrews could face prosecution for her role as an unregulated teeth whitener at Costa Smiles Teeth Whitening Salon. Last year in a case brought against Ms Lorna Jamous the High Court deemed that teeth whitening was in fact the business of dentistry and as such should only be carried out by dentists. This makes it illegal for people not regulated by the GDC to carry out teeth whitening and means the Ms Andrews is liable to face prosecution.     The illegal chain, Costa Smiles was clearly unaware of this ruling when it announced on Twitter that Grace Andrews would be performing … Continue reading

Dentist accused of $1m patient fraud

David M Lewis, a dentist based in Northern California is due to stand trial accused of defrauding a health care plan of more than $1 million. Lewis is facing more than 20 years in prison and a fine of $250,000 or twice the gross gain from the fraud.   United States Attorney Benjamin Wagner announced in a statement Thursday that a federal grand jury had returned an 18-count indictment against 60-year-old dentist based in Sacramento. Lewis is charged with one count of conspiracy to commit health care fraud and mail fraud and 17 counts of health care fraud.   Lewis is accused of targeting United Parcel Service workers for dental … Continue reading

Dental Implants – Keep it short in the back!!!

Dental implants are great, and many more of us will be placing them in 2014 then we ever did in 2013. It’s a predictable, long-term treatment option to replace missing teeth and avoid those plastic dentures that our patients don’t like. Plus it enables us to circumvent those bridges which us dentists don’t like doing.   So what about at the back of the jaw, primarily in the posterior maxilla? This is a problem area for dental implants, as the bone disappears quicker than donuts in the dental staff room. Not only do we lack bone, we also have poorer quality bone coupled with these pesky things called sinuses to … Continue reading

2 year review of the Health & Social Care Bill

The governments Health and Social Care Bill was brought into force almost 2 years ago. To mark its 2nd birthday ex-BDA chairman has reviewed the progress made under the bill to date.   The Tories made a crystal clear manifesto commitment in the 2010 election campaign to refrain from making major changes to the NHS.   One of David Cameron’s first actions having negotiated a coalition deal with the Liberal Democrats was to appoint Andrew Lansley as Secretary of State for Health and set him to work on a new Health and Social Care Bill which literally upended everything in the NHS. Some U-turn, Dave!! This about turn compares nicely … Continue reading

Bupa buys Barbican Dental Care

As reported in the Financial Times, Bupa, has bought London’s Barbican Dental Care as it tries to take a bigger share of the UK’s £2.4bn private dentistry market.   The acquisition is in keeping with Bupa’s plans to become one of the largest private dental chains in the UK with around 50 clinics by 2015. The deal – which covers 24 surgeries in London – brings the number of dental centres that Bupa operates to 31 across the UK, including five clinics in Sainsbury’s supermarkets and one in a Tesco store.   The move comes amid a growing trend to consolidation in the fragmented dental care industry. The vast majority … Continue reading

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