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Elvis Presley’s “Kings Crown” UK tour announced

A dental crown worn by Elvis Presley is coming to a town near you. The “King’s Crown” is touring dental practices in the UK to raise awareness for mouth cancer. The tour involves a genuine dental crown which was made for the star by his former dentist Henry J Weiss and will be accompanied around 11 UK based dental clinics by Elvis impersonators. Dentists at participating clinics will be providing free mouth cancer screenings in potentially the most fun you’ll ever have at the dentist.     There are, on average, almost 6,500 new cases of mouth cancer diagnosed in the UK each year resulting in over 1,900 deaths annually. … Continue reading

Sugar costs the NHS dental budget £1.25 billion per year

The nation’s sweet tooth has created a need for dentistry which has only been around since sugar became cheap and plentiful in the mid 1800s. The nation’s sweet tooth has caused it some serious problems and we do appear to be willing to address the issues but the sugar manufacturers have a huge investment in the growing and production of their product and if the tide is moving against overt sugar content the industry is going to find ways to hide its products to keep our national addiction to sugar alive. Hence many ‘low fat’ products have been found to have a high sugar content. Cigarette manufacturers are not the … Continue reading

Our favourite dental blogs

It feels like we have been around the web about 80 times now especially the little corner of it filled with dental content and we have decided to draw a list of our favourite dental blogs:   From the UK – GDPUK is a popular online forum for dentists in the UK. The site has several regular contributors to the blog who discuss the latest issues facing UK dentists. – Excellent blog from dental business coach Chris Barrow and the team at 7 connections. The blog contains lots of great articles about running a successful dental practice. – Dental Marketing expert Mark Oborns blog. … Continue reading

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