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Dental Implants – Keep it short in the back!!!

Dental implants are great, and many more of us will be placing them in 2014 then we ever did in 2013. It’s a predictable, long-term treatment option to replace missing teeth and avoid those plastic dentures that our patients don’t like. Plus it enables us to circumvent those bridges which us dentists don’t like doing.   So what about at the back of the jaw, primarily in the posterior maxilla? This is a problem area for dental implants, as the bone disappears quicker than donuts in the dental staff room. Not only do we lack bone, we also have poorer quality bone coupled with these pesky things called sinuses to … Continue reading

Can periodontal treatment help diabetic control?

Even if you trained as a dentist more than 20 years ago, the link between periodontitis and diabetes was something that was widely established. Over the last 20 years experts have identified mechanisms for this link, and established an overall better understanding.     Diabetes is known to be an inflammatory disease, as is periodontitis. It is now well documented that the oral inflammation from active periodontitis contributes to an elevation in inflammatory markers in the bloodstream, which in turn can trigger inflammation elsewhere, including pancreatic function for example, which is part of diabetic pathogenesis. In fact the European Federation of Periodontology (EFP) and American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) teamed … Continue reading

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