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The interminable fluoridation debate – is it time to call a halt?

An article in a recent British Dental Journal revisits the issue of fluoride intake of children. The article points out that very young children are particularly and positively affected by the availability of fluoridated drinking water, that diet is the only source of fluoride for most infants and the importance of dietary evaluation prior to recommending the use of additional fluoride supplements Zohoori, F.V., Whaley, G., Moynihan P.J. and Maguire A. BDJ, 216, E3 (2014).   The scientific validity of claims for the effectiveness of drinking water fluoridation are generally questioned only by those whose position is radically anti-fluoride, whether their opposition is claimed to be based on the science … Continue reading

2 year review of the Health & Social Care Bill

The governments Health and Social Care Bill was brought into force almost 2 years ago. To mark its 2nd birthday ex-BDA chairman has reviewed the progress made under the bill to date.   The Tories made a crystal clear manifesto commitment in the 2010 election campaign to refrain from making major changes to the NHS.   One of David Cameron’s first actions having negotiated a coalition deal with the Liberal Democrats was to appoint Andrew Lansley as Secretary of State for Health and set him to work on a new Health and Social Care Bill which literally upended everything in the NHS. Some U-turn, Dave!! This about turn compares nicely … Continue reading

Interview with Dr Tony Kilcoyne

This month our industry interview is with Dr Tony Kilcoyne. Tony is one of the most passionate dentists in the business and has recently been bringing the issues faced by dentists to the masses, with appearances on BBC Radio 4 and ITV. In a candid interview, we caught up with Tony about what he sees as the issues currently facing the dentistry profession.   Here are some interesting points that were raised in the interview:   The current dentistry system is reactionary rather than prevention based. This is a consequence of the NHS targets which over-incentivise volume this placing limits on the amount of time dentists can spend with patients. … Continue reading

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