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Our favourite dental blogs

It feels like we have been around the web about 80 times now especially the little corner of it filled with dental content and we have decided to draw a list of our favourite dental blogs:   From the UK – GDPUK is a popular online forum for dentists in the UK. The site has several regular contributors to the blog who discuss the latest issues facing UK dentists. – Excellent blog from dental business coach Chris Barrow and the team at 7 connections. The blog contains lots of great articles about running a successful dental practice. – Dental Marketing expert Mark Oborns blog. … Continue reading

And the award for best smile at The Oscars goes to……

Its Oscars night and TeethWise has taken a look at the celebrities smiles on the red carpet this year. By the way these actors have attained their Hollywood smiles through good dental care, teeth whitening and other cosmetic techniques so you too can have a Hollywood smile.     And the award for best teeth at the Oscars goes to…………   Matthew McConaughey acted in two of the best picture nominees this year and is the favourite to pick up best actor award for his role in Dallas Buyers Club. McConaughey has great teeth but is very committed to good dental health. The movie star has previously admitted to strategically … Continue reading

Canada wins gold at the Winter Olympics… for having the least teeth

The Winter Olympics is under way at Sochi. It began with a lot of talk about homophobia and one missing Olympic ring but things seem to be moving along nicely now. Alot of the sports being contested are extreme and involve higher levels of danger and risk than is usual. We were surprised when we noticed the number of participants who have lost teeth competing in winter sports and decided on an alternative rankings table. The Winter Olympics Toothless Table:   Gold: Canada – 29 teeth; Silver: USA – 12 teeth; Bronze: Romania – 3 teeth     One thing for sure, the Winter Olympic sport most likely to leave … Continue reading

The Wolf of Wall Street went to dental school

Jordan Belfort, the protagonist in Martin Scorsese’s latest film The Wolf of Wall Street, started dental school before dropping out to become a crook Wall Street trader. His mother had wanted him to become a doctor but he overslept his medical school entrance exams and went to dental school instead.     In 1984, on his first day at Baltimore College of Dental Surgery the Dean told the class that their training would be rewarded with “a life of reasonable comfort.” The dean went on to say that “The golden age of dentistry is over. If you’re here simply because you’re looking to make money, you’re in the wrong place.” … Continue reading

5 Great Dental Apps for Patients

From learning how to brush properly, to boogying out to your personal brushing playlist, to helpful aids when teaching your kids about good dental habits, there are lots of great dental apps available to help people take care of their teeth. We’ve trawled the app stores and selected our top 5 dental apps for patients.     Luca Lashes Learns to Brush his Teeth A fun little app for children, this provides a great aid for teaching children how to brush their teeth. Written for ages 0-4 years, this app allows children to learn how to brush their teeth along with the main character, Luca, in a fun, interactive way. … Continue reading

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