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University of Sheffield launches online Dental program

The University of Sheffield has launched a new online dentistry course which will be accessible online to everyone, not just dentists.   The course itself is called Discover Dentistry. Run by Dr Christopher Stokes, a senior teacher at the University of Sheffield, School of Dentistry, this course aims to provide the basics of dentistry, covering topics such as debunking dentistry myths, how broken teeth are fixed, and how dentures are made, to understanding the letter and number codes used by dentists during appointments. It also aims to explore the history of dentistry and look forward to innovative new dental techniques, such as the latest technology of 3D printed teeth.   … Continue reading

5 Great Dental Apps for Patients

From learning how to brush properly, to boogying out to your personal brushing playlist, to helpful aids when teaching your kids about good dental habits, there are lots of great dental apps available to help people take care of their teeth. We’ve trawled the app stores and selected our top 5 dental apps for patients.     Luca Lashes Learns to Brush his Teeth A fun little app for children, this provides a great aid for teaching children how to brush their teeth. Written for ages 0-4 years, this app allows children to learn how to brush their teeth along with the main character, Luca, in a fun, interactive way. … Continue reading

GDC Guidance on Social Media

More and more dentists and members of the dental team are taking to social networks to share articles, opinions and photos, so it comes as no surprise that the GDC has published guidance on what they see as acceptable conduct. In essence the rules have not changed and dental professionals are expected to respect patient confidentiality and act professionally and responsibly. To be fair the guidance is light and was prompted by increased risks due to the very public nature of social media and the potential of content to go “viral”.     Are you sure its anonymous?   The guidelines relate to clinic profiles and personal accounts, even if … Continue reading

Prisoner Escapes to visit the Dentist

A prisoner escaped a Swedish prison simply to carry out a strange task- a visit to the dentist.     A 51-year-old inmate from the Ostragard facility in Vanersborg, South Sweden, said he was left no choice but to escape after experiencing extreme pain that he was unable to stand any longer. It is reported he was experiencing extreme toothache which left him with a swollen face and unbearable pain.   The inmate explained he was left no choice but to escape the minimum security prison and seek professional help after pleas to see a dentist or doctor were left unheard.   Upon escaping, he sought out a dentist to … Continue reading

Imagine a cloned John Lennon!! – Interview with Dr Michael Zuk

This month to mark John Lennon’s anniversary we have interviewed the dentist who has plans to create a clone of the former Beatle. From day to day Dr Michael Zuk’s business is dental implants, veneers and dental braces and as a pastime he likes to collect celebrity teeth. Dr Zuk purchased one of John Lennons’ teeth at auction for £19,500 in 2011 and is now attempting to use it to create a clone of the former Beatle. The story was reported by media during the summer and we checked in with the controversial dentist to see what he has been up to since and found out:   Dr Zuk is talking … Continue reading

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