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Social Media for Dentists

How can dentists use social media to promote and develop their clinic? If you are looking to place more dental implants, veneers and dental braces, please read on to discover how even setting up a facebook page can help dentists to attract new patients and encourage existing patients to visit more frequently.   What benefits will I see from a social media campaign?    Attract new patients – First and foremost you can attract new patients to your clinic by promoting yourself through and advertising on social networks. You can target ads at people by age, location, interests and much more. Easy communication – Social media is a very efficient … Continue reading

Does Groupon work for Dental Clinics?

This blog post examines Groupon campaigns for dental clinics. We look at the pros and cons using examples of dentists and dental clinics we have talked to, to see when these campaigns work and when they don’t. Interestingly, we have recently heard the argument of using Groupon campaigns to improve SEO which we also discuss.   Most people will at this stage have heard of Groupon and the other “daily deal” websites that have become popular in recent years. There are lots of these types of sites but I will focus on Groupon in this article. Groupon attracts new customers to businesses by offering cheap deals. The business must at … Continue reading

Why your dental clinic should have a blog

So you have been advised by a marketing consultant or have read online that writing a blog will benefit your online strategy. But is it worth the effort? Not enough hours in the day… days in the week… weeks in the month and so on. Creating and maintaining a blog should not be overly time consuming, particularly once you get into the habit of writing. It can be updated weekly or monthly and besides lots of people enjoy the interaction they get through it. So what will I write about? There are lots of things you can write about in your blog. It is a very good place to include your clinic news (eg. new staff, promotional … Continue reading

The Advantages of Implant Retained Dentures

Implant retained dentures are more expensive than traditional dentures and are difficult, if not impossible to get through the NHS. A lot of patients wonder if they are worth the extra expense or should they just stick with traditional dentures.     Implant retained dentures have the following key advantages over traditional dentures:   Better retention – the implants give the dentures a firm anchor and this mean they will be a better and more comfortable fit in your mouth. This improved retention will help you to be more relaxed in public especially when talking.  Traditional dentures can sometimes become loose which means they become uncomfortable, cause ulcers and can affect your speech. … Continue reading

Groupon bans Cowboy Bleachers

Groupon has begun to work with the GDC and will not be including offers for teeth whitening deals from non GDC registered dental professionals anymore. This comes after last months High Court ruling that tooth whitening is the practice of dentistry and should only be undertaken by regulated dental professsionals. This ruling came when the High Court overturned a Magistrates’ Court decision to acquit Ms Lorna Jamous of the offences of practicing dentistry and unlawfully carrying on the business of dentistry when not regulated by the GDC. Ms Jamous was convicted of both offences by judges at the High Court on the 10th May 2013.   This ruling has set precedent that only dentists, … Continue reading

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