The Advantages of Implant Retained Dentures
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Published On:08-07-2013 by Eoin Holohan

Implant retained dentures are more expensive than traditional dentures and are difficult, if not impossible to get through the NHS. A lot of patients wonder if they are worth the extra expense or should they just stick with traditional dentures.



Implant retained dentures have the following key advantages over traditional dentures:


  • Better retention – the implants give the dentures a firm anchor and this mean they will be a better and more comfortable fit in your mouth. This improved retention will help you to be more relaxed in public especially when talking.  Traditional dentures can sometimes become loose which means they become uncomfortable, cause ulcers and can affect your speech. As the implant retained denture is firmly secured you will not need to worry about adhesives or sealants.
  • Increased Support – Overdentures benefit from being supported by dental implants. The implants ensure that the denture will be held firmly in place. The increased support allows more pressure to be applied to the dentures and gives the wearer greater freedom with the denture in place. For example it is easier to eat with the denture in place. What you choose to eat should be determined by your appetite, not by the state of your dentures.
  • Stems bone loss – As discussed in other posts, the roots of your teeth act as an anchor in your gums. They hold your gum bone together and without these anchors, the bone in your gums will disintegrate over time. Dental implants have the same bonding effect on gums and will help to maintain the bone structure. A lack of bone in your gums will result in your face taking on a sunken, older appearance. Obviously, the more implants that are used to anchor bridges or dentures, the more they will help to retain the bone in your gums.


In summary, although implant retained dentures are more expensive, the extra money means they are more stable and comfortable and  function much better.


The process


Dental implants are fitted in your gum. See our dental implants page for more information on the dental implant procedure. You will need between 2 and 4 implants to support a full denture in one jaw. Your dentist will need to make this decision after assessing your mouth. Once the implants have integrated with the bone the denture can be fitted. This can take between 3 and 6 months. If you already have had implants fitted for single crowns, it may be possible to use these to support the dentures.


Once the denture is in place, maintenance is important and they must be removed and cleaned twice a day.



Implant retained dentures are a more comfortable and practical solution to missing rows of teeth than traditional dentures. They do not however provide the same level of support as a fixed dental bridge fitted to implants. Some people also dislike having to remove the dentures for cleaning and maintenance.


Whilst they have some limitations, they are the cheapest way to replace a full jaw of missing teeth. Click here to find a dentist in your area that provides the procedure and compare costs.

This artcile has been reviewed and approved by John Renshaw at Oral Care Consulting.

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