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Sugar costs the NHS dental budget £1.25 billion per year

The nation’s sweet tooth has created a need for dentistry which has only been around since sugar became cheap and plentiful in the mid 1800s. The nation’s sweet tooth has caused it some serious problems and we do appear to be willing to address the issues but the sugar manufacturers have a huge investment in the growing and production of their product and if the tide is moving against overt sugar content the industry is going to find ways to hide its products to keep our national addiction to sugar alive. Hence many ‘low fat’ products have been found to have a high sugar content. Cigarette manufacturers are not the … Continue reading

Illegal teeth whiteners are carrying on regardless

The colour of your smile is under scrutiny, from other people, the media and even your own reflection in the mirror. Tooth whitening procedures are more popular than ever, and all over the country, every day, members of the public purchase a tooth whitening procedure to enhance the colour of their teeth.   On the internet, daily deal websites, social media and on the high street there are many methods that can be used to achieve whiter teeth, from home kits, to office whitening and even laser whitening. These can be accessed from dental practices, beauty salons/spas and so called mobile “teeth whitening technicians”. However, it is only dental professionals … Continue reading

Study finds vast regional differences in the cost of private dentistry

A recent article in the Telegraph has highlighted major variations in the price of private dental treatment. To be fair that is not news to us as the inequalities in dental pricing was one of the main ideas behind TeethWise, however it does confirm our findings.     The article was based on a study released by whatclinic which found that the cost of private dental treatment in the UK varies by 347% depending on where you live. Experts have claimed it is a classic sign of “an inefficient market”.   The study was based on the cost of treatment at 11,000 UK based private dental clinics. Based on the … Continue reading

5 Ways to Soothe Sensitive Teeth this winter

  Teeth sensitivity can be a pain. It is a common complaint with a multitude of different causes. In today’s post we’ll be talking about simple treatments for general sensitivity, the kind caused by the wearing away of the protective enamel on your teeth. This leads to the exposure of dentin which has tiny channels (tubules) that link to the nerves inside the tooth, allowing painful stimuli to be transmitted if there are any sudden changes in the tooth’s environment. Here are some ways to prevent and treat it:   1. Gently does it. Rigorous brushing can cause the wearing away of enamel and actually lead to sensitivity. To combat … Continue reading

The Advantages of Implant Retained Dentures

Implant retained dentures are more expensive than traditional dentures and are difficult, if not impossible to get through the NHS. A lot of patients wonder if they are worth the extra expense or should they just stick with traditional dentures.     Implant retained dentures have the following key advantages over traditional dentures:   Better retention – the implants give the dentures a firm anchor and this mean they will be a better and more comfortable fit in your mouth. This improved retention will help you to be more relaxed in public especially when talking.  Traditional dentures can sometimes become loose which means they become uncomfortable, cause ulcers and can affect your speech. … Continue reading

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