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Dental Tourism – Does it still happen?

The number of people travelling for dental treatments has dropped significantly over the past decade Cheaper dental implants and other cosmetic treatments are now available in the UK meaning patients do not need travel anymore The market has matured and dentists are now travelling to see patients. The only foreign dentists we talked to who still have patients travelling for treatment are those who can offer consultations and other parts of the treatment in the UK.   2005 was a great year for dentists in Hungary. Their country had recently joined the European Union attracting lots of European tourists including 250,000 UK nationals. Austrian dentist Alexander Schreiner opened up a … Continue reading

Interview with Dr Tony Kilcoyne

This month our industry interview is with Dr Tony Kilcoyne. Tony is one of the most passionate dentists in the business and has recently been bringing the issues faced by dentists to the masses, with appearances on BBC Radio 4 and ITV. In a candid interview, we caught up with Tony about what he sees as the issues currently facing the dentistry profession.   Here are some interesting points that were raised in the interview:   The current dentistry system is reactionary rather than prevention based. This is a consequence of the NHS targets which over-incentivise volume this placing limits on the amount of time dentists can spend with patients. … Continue reading

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