X-factor winner James Arthur achieves great orthodontic results
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Published On:26-03-2014 by

X Factor winner, James Arthur, has been busy showing off his new smile after undergoing orthodontic treatment.


The singer from Middlesbrough made no secret of the fact that he was very self-conscious about his crooked teeth during his time on the show in 2012 and pledged to get his teeth fixed as soon as he was crowned champion.


James Arthur Teeth


Now, almost 18 months later, James is sporting a brand new smile thanks to orthodontic treatment. James couldn’t wait to show off the results of treatment, posting a snap on his Twitter page with the caption, “I just got my top braces off which is nice. Looking forward to the dentist working on them now they are straight.”


James is currently promoting his new single, Get Down, and is said to be thrilled with the results of his dental work. In interviews following his appearance on the hit ITV show, the quiet singer said that he often came across as grumpy and disinterested because he didn’t smile much, but assured fans that this was nothing to do with his personality and reflected his dislike of his wonky and crowded teeth.


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