The first bluetooth enabled toothbrush
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The Consumer Electronics Show took place earlier this month in Las Vegas and there was a very interesting toothbrush on show. Kolibree have come up with the first electric toothbrush connected using Bluetooth technology which means it can be connected to a smartphone or tablet.


Kolibree tooth brush


The toothbrush relays data back to your phone which can be viewed through an app. The app will give you information about how you brushed your teeth telling you what areas you may have neglected. The brush works in two ways. Firstly, you can calibrate the hardware by showing it around your mouth


The device is not available yet but the prototype has been developed by ex Google employee Thomas Serval. Serval came up with the idea after he grew tired of asking his children if they had brushed their teeth. Now he can find out if his kids have brushed their teeth from the comfort of his armchair.


Mr Serval is looking to fund production of the prototype through crowdfunding and will start that process this summer. Check out kickstarter if you like to get involved. He expects to launch the brush initially in the US retailing between $100 – $200 depending on the model you go for. Critics have pointed out the expense of the brush and the inconvenience of bringing your phone to the bathroom with you in the morning as potential barriers to the products success. However, it did generate a lot of interest at the CES.


Kolibree App


Containing an accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope, the hardware builds a model of the inside of your mouth and then offers you a percentage score of how well you’ve done in keeping it clean. The model is built in two ways: firstly, when you get the device, you can calibrate the hardware by showing it around your mouth, but also the company has a dentist-supplied list of measurements that help it understand the size of your mouth compared to your age and gender.


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