Queensland Govt Initiatives halves dental waiting lists
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Between February and October 2013, almost 50,000 Queensland residents who have been waiting for over 2 years for dental treatments have been treated. This is the result of a government initiative which distributed vouchers worth up to $750 to “long-wait” dental patients. The vouchers can be redeemed by private dentists and allows patients who could not otherwise afford private care to receive treatment reducing the burden on the public system.


The scheme was introduced in February 2013, when more than $14m worth of vouchers issued. So far the scheme has cost the state $9.3m which is an average cost of approximately $190 per patient.


Queensland Health minister Lawrence Springborg said the success of this initiative would encourage him to seek future public-private partnerships to improve healthcare in the Australian state. “What we have been able to do in the last six months is help 50,000 Queenslanders who have been waiting for more than two years for dental procedures.”


The total number of the long-wait dental patients fell from 62,513 in February to 13,722. The overall waiting list has fallen from 112,204 to 59,612.


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