Dental Implant Cost Survey 2012
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We have conducted a study into the price of dental implants in the UK and Hungary in August 2012 to identify the latest trends in dental implant pricing.


* The following article shows the average cost of dental implants by UK region.


Study Objectives:


  • Establish the average cost and price range of dental implants in the UK
  • Deliver an update on dental tourism


Findings – UK


  • Average price of a dental implant in the UK has fallen to £1,868
  • The most striking finding was the range of prices being charged. Prices for a single implant charged by two clinics located less than two miles apart varied by £2,505.
  • Dental implants are now available in the UK for £995. The price reduction has been driven by 2 factors. More clinics are providing implants exclusively. These clinics are more likely to compete on the basis of price. We have also seen several foreign dentists establish clinics in London in recent years. They are willing to provide implants for a lower price.
  • On average dental implants are cheapest in London. Price competition amongst a growing number of clinics has driven the price down in London.
  • Wales is the most expensive place for dental implants in the UK. Other expensive regions include the Midlands, Northern Ireland, the North East and Yorkshire.
  • Average prices in the South East, South West and North West were in line with the national average.


Following are the results of the survey:


 Average £  Range £
London 1,633 2,505
Scotland 1,750 1,250
North West 1,838 1,400
South West 1,843 1,750
South East 1,852 1,905
North East & Yorkshire 1,981 1,000
Northern Ireland 1,984 50
Midlands 1,960 2,105
Wales 2,280 550
Total 1,882 2,605
Hungary 749 248


Dental Tourism


  • The average cost of a dental implant in Hungary is now £749.
  • The availability of cheap dental implants in the UK means less people are travelling to Hungary to have dental implants fitted.
  • Dental tourism has moved on to its second stage. As the cost savings are not as big, patients are less willing to travel. A number of Hungarian dentists have established clinics in London to make up for the shortfall. This has contributed further to lower prices in the UK.



The study was conducted in August 2012. Our sample consisted of 100 cosmetic dentists in the UK and Hungary. We have selected our UK regional sample based on population. We have interviewed a number of clinics as part of the process, particularly to find out the latest developments on dental tourism.


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