5 Great Dental Apps for Patients
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From learning how to brush properly, to boogying out to your personal brushing playlist, to helpful aids when teaching your kids about good dental habits, there are lots of great dental apps available to help people take care of their teeth. We’ve trawled the app stores and selected our top 5 dental apps for patients.


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Luca Lashes Learns to Brush his Teeth

A fun little app for children, this provides a great aid for teaching children how to brush their teeth. Written for ages 0-4 years, this app allows children to learn how to brush their teeth along with the main character, Luca, in a fun, interactive way. It features an original story, displayed as text, artwork and audio, allowing older kids to read along, whilst those who are younger can follow along with the audio.

Also available in French, Spanish and Italian, it’s great for kids from around the world, or those learning a new language. They have a total of 9 books if your kids end up addicted to it.

Available on for £1.24, for $1.99 and eReader marketplaces.

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My Little Dentist

A fun little game for all ages, it allows you be a dentist, treating patients with a variety of problems. You can pick from a range of professional tools from the bottom of the screen to treat the patients in your chair. It’s especially great for kids as it allows them to learn a bit more about the dentist and the treatments they may carry out, and hopefully overcome their fears.

Available free on .

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Brush DJ

An NHS-approved app, this app will randomly select songs from your playlist and play them for the full 2mins brushing time recommended by your dentist. It helps makes brushing fun for those who find it a boring task, as well as allowing you to set reminders to: floss and use a mouthwash, change your toothbrush every 3 months, when to go visit your dentist.

It gets 10/10 for originality- there’s nothing else like it on the market, and it’s completely free! Available for and .


Cavity Free 3D

Cavity Free 3D is a useful app which demonstrates the proper brushing and flossing techniques with the aid of 3D animations. Whether you’ve just gotten braces, or if you simply want to improve your technique, it’s like having your own personal dentist at your beck and call. It’s also great for any dentists wanting to demonstrate these techniques to patients.

Available for and , free!

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ADA Dental Symptom Checker

A very useful app for patients experiencing dental problems, this app allows you to understand the symptoms you may be experiencing and possible underlying problems. Since the app is developed by the American Dental Association themselves, you can be sure to receive expert advice, hopefully reassuring any nervous patients. For anyone in the USA, it also has an integrated tool which allows you to search for the nearest ADA member dentist, as well as their opening times, contact information etc.

Available Free on and .


Are there any other Dental apps you enjoy using? Please get in touch and let us know.


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