University of Sheffield launches online Dental program
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The University of Sheffield has launched a new online dentistry course which will be accessible online to everyone, not just dentists.


The course itself is called Discover Dentistry. Run by Dr Christopher Stokes, a senior teacher at the University of Sheffield, School of Dentistry, this course aims to provide the basics of dentistry, covering topics such as debunking dentistry myths, how broken teeth are fixed, and how dentures are made, to understanding the letter and number codes used by dentists during appointments. It also aims to explore the history of dentistry and look forward to innovative new dental techniques, such as the latest technology of 3D printed teeth.


The University has become one of several in recent years offering free online courses to the general public, joining the likes of Southampton, Warwick and Reading Universities. The aim of these universities is to make higher education accessible to everyone, helping build higher skills that are growing increasingly important following the economic crisis. The course will be run via the FutureLearn website, the first provider of Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) in the UK.


The course allows students to learn from and interact with dental professionals, as well as carry out fun, interactive exercises, such as creating things in your own kitchen. It is designed with everyone in mind, available for all ages, from patients to aspiring dentists looking for a new insight into the profession, and requires no prior knowledge.


Discover Dentistry runs for 6 weeks, requiring approximately 3 hours per week, and can be carried out in the comfort of your own home for free. You can click here to navigate to the official site for further information.


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