A human tooth found in peanuts
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Published On:10-01-2014 by

The Sun reported a couple’s New Year’s Eve celebration was interrupted by a horrid discovery in a bag of Safeway-brand Spanish peanuts: a human tooth.


18 year-old Graham Calder accidentally bit down and realized he was eating something different from a peanut. The incident happened 15 minutes after midnight whilst he was celebrating New Year’s Eve with his girlfriend, Michaela Epp also 18, in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


“He spit it out and looked at it, and it was a tooth,” she said. “So he started feeling around to make sure it wasn’t his.”


Epp said it appeared that a human tooth had been pulled right from someone’s gum, as it had its whole roots exposed.


“It definitely didn’t look like someone’s tooth had just broken off,” she said.


The brand of Spanish peanuts is distributed by Safeway Inc., which operates out of Calgary. According to the product label, the peanuts are processed in Canada. Michaela Epp said they purchased the sealed bag of peanuts at the Osborne Village Safeway location.


A spokeswoman for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency said they have received the complaint and will be following up.
The incident will be looked into fully by Safeway once the CFIA has the results of the testing, said Betty Kellsey, a spokeswoman for the company.


“Safeway is committed to industry leading food safety standards and we will cooperate fully with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency in their investigation,” Kellsey said in an email statement from the company.


However, the UK citizens have also found odd and awful things in food products across the years. From a dead bird in a Tesco salad to pieces of glass in a can of Heinz beans and the list goes on.

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