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So its taken a while to compile but here is the list of our favourite dental clinic websites in the UK. We look primarily at design and content while always bearing in mind the overall objective of a dental clinic’s website is to build trust and credibility and thus encourage new patients to arrange an appointment. We have picked out our 10 favourite sites which are listed below. If we have missed yours and you think it is worthy of inclusion on our next list, please get in touch:



1. Shine Dental Care – http://www.shinedentalcare.co.uk/



Our favourite site is Shine Dental Care’s. It is excellently designed and has great personalised content both of which give an excellent first impression of the clinic. The home page creates a very good impression immediately with some quality pictures and gets bonus points as they are of the clinic. The colour scheme is simple and the site is easy to navigate from a menu bar in the top right hand corner of the page. The calls to action on the home page are very logical and well thought out – welcoming new patients, offering a tour of the practice and highlighting patient experiences. The use of video testimony on the home page is great. The site makes it very easy to contact the clinic throughout with well positioned and prominent buttons.


The content is excellent and does a fantastic job at giving the viewer an impression of the clinic. The quantity of patients who were willing to take part in a video testimony is fantastic and their are lots of before and after cases for users to see. The content gives a great impression of the clinic and its staff and gives lots of credibility.


The combination of top class minimal design incorporating lots of video clips which help to create great content mean that we have selected this site as our number 1 dental clinic website in the UK.



2. Cranmore – http://www.cosmeticdentistrybelfast.co.uk



Cranmore Dental in Belfast have an excellent website which combines top design with great content. The design is great and is very well thought out. Straight away on the home page you are greet with patient testimony which are personalised with photos and a very reassuring video introduction to the clinic. Awards received by the clinic are also very prominent.   I like the big target buttons used throughout the site. These employ a good visual hierarchy and draw the user towards the clinics best selling and most profitable treatments. It also impressive that they have fitted all these main links above the fold on the home page.


The clinic has done a great job at embracing other media forms and uses video very well to create familiarity with the clinic and its staff. There are some great patient video testimonies on the site also. The numerous examples of the clinic in the press and the video clips from awards ceremonies serve as excellent content and help to demonstrate expertise.


All of this does an fantastic job at familiarising the patient with the clinic and its and staff and demonstrating credibility. This is a case of excellent marketing and well run clinic which makes the site designers job easier, but they have done an excellent job at bringing all of this to life through the site.



3.  Evolve Dentistry – http://www.evolve-dentistry.co.uk



Another great website. The first thing that stands out about this site is the nice big bright images - what’s even better is that they include actual pictures taken of the clinic. No matter how good a website is it is still only an extension of the clinic so it helps a lot that Evolve is a state of the art dental clinic. The home page has good calls to action which are logical next steps and encourage the patient to continue their user journey. These include; introducing the patient to the clinic and the team; advertising discounted offers; and free consultations and direct the visitor to options for improving their smile. The video testimony on the home page is also very encouraging.


Content wise the site does an excellent job at giving potential patients an insight into the clinic and its staff members. The site is very personal and contains excellent video clips of the clinic and includes lots of patient testimony. This all demonstrates the clinics credibility excellently and encourages. Another area where I thought this site excelled was in marketing its special offers. There was plenty of emphasis placed on these creating a great incentive to contact the clinic now.



4. James Russell – http://www.jamesrusselldentist.co.uk



This site is a good example of clear minimal design which is personal and clearly reinforces the dentists credentials. I like the use of the side buttons for information and also the bookmark in the top corner. The site is well structured. The menu bar along the top is well organised and makes browsing easy. The side buttons are a nice feature which indicate that these sections are important. There is a nice browsing bar in the learn about section of the site and the book an appointment button is visible on every page.


Content wise the site is excellent. It gives an explanation of all the treatments that James offers including prices and has an additional section educating patients about treatments. There is lots of evidence of work carried out by James. James is the dentists on Channel 4 show embarrassing bodies so he has a public profile and an excellent body of work to draw on which the site does very well. The site brings together work carried out by James, his public profile and awards he has won excellently to do an excellent job at creating trust.



5. Confidential Smiles – http://www.confidentialsmiles.co.uk



This site is very well designed. It is big and open and uses good a very good mix of video clips, social media, images, patient testimony and text boxes on the home page to build trust. What is very impressive is that is combines of these design features without making the page feel overcrowded. The site is organised well and it is very easy to navigate and find what you are looking for. Also the contact form follows you throughout the site making it easy for potential patients to get in touch which is a feature we felt was missing from other sites.


The content on the site is good, the first thing you notice is the video introduction to the chief dentist. The site gives a good description of the main cosmetic treatments and explains them well in patient friendly terms. They have some good photographic examples of work carried out at the clinic. All of this does a great job at building trust and encourages the patient to make the next step and contact the clinic.



6. Crossbank Dental – www.crossbankdental.co.uk



Another great site, the design is simple and classic. There is good use of video clips on the home page which are very personal. The site is easy to browse and well organised with most browsing done in the left-hand sidebar. It also uses tabs to separate different sections of the site. This successfully differentiates these areas and highlights them as being important for example dental implants.


The content is sound and uses lots of images and videos of the clinic to give a real personal feel. Alot of the sites picked here include a first visit section which is a very good way of welcoming new patients which is the overall objective of the site.   As mentioned above the clinic is targeting dental implant patients. It is very thorough in its explanation here and dedicates a full section to implants. Video testimony by patients is the best type of recommendation that someone can communicate through a website and the before and after pictures are also great. The social links are prominent and the site includes a blog. I really like this site and it does a great job at building trust.



7. Birmingham Periodontal and Implant Centre – http://www.bpidental.co.uk



Birmingham Periodontal and Implant Centre is an top midlands based clinic. The experience and knowledge of its staff is excellently conveyed through its well designed site. Firstly the home page is quality. It is simple and has good calls to action – such as your first visit and meet the team. This design is kept simple and constantly pushes the user towards making an appointment and the dental implants section which we notice a lot of clinics are trying to highlight.


The clinic uses modern media to capture patient stories and give a tour of the clinic (this is a recurring trend on the best sites). The dentist descriptions are very good too. The dentists here have lots of experience and this shows through in the meet the team section. All in all an excellent site, it uses a variety of techniques to promote the clinic and its services and does a very good job at building trust.



8. Olive Dental Care – http://www.olivedentalcare.co.uk



The responsive design used on this website looks really good. The green and white colour scheme is nice and a bit brighter than the colours used generally on dental websites which makes it stand out. Also the slider on the home page uses very good images which all together creates a great first impression. The site uses a menu bar along the top of the page which is clear and makes it easy to navigate the site. Content on the site is organised and well structured and it promotes its most popular and distinguishing procedures (Cerec) on the home page. It promotes links to its social networks through the home page.


Content wise the site gives a patient friendly explanation of all treatments offered at the clinic. There is a profile of the dentists and lots of pictures of the clinic. It gives the patient a good understanding of what the clinic is like and does a good job at building trust.



9. Dental Clinic Radlett – http://www.dental-radlett.com



The first impression created by the site is good. It uses nice images and plenty of whitespace to create a good first impression. The targets on the home page stand out and are well positioned. The site is simple and very easy to navigate. The design team have done an excellent job creating an aesthetically pleasing site that is easy to navigate.


The site contains plenty of personal information. There is a good introduction to the team which is one of the most important aspects of any site and allows patients to become familiar with the dentists who could be treating them. There is a good explanation of the treatments provided and details on how much they cost which always helps to build trust. The handwritten patient testimonies are a nice touch also but could be replaced now by video testimonies. All in all this site does a very good job at building trust and encourages patients to make the next step and get in touch.






10. Q Clinic – http://www.qclinic.com



The most eye catching design was from Q clinic. We love the use of beautiful and striking images to create the impression of a modern and exclusive clinic. It is a bold design for its purposes and I think it looks great. It taps into one of the main trends of contemporary website design and uses beautiful big screen size images as the backdrop to its pages. Some images look like they have been taken in the clinic and give the impression of a modern and state of the art clinic. I love the design and the site is very different to other clinic sites.



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