Straumann Implants

In 1974, Swiss based, Straumann Research Institute produced its first dental implant. In 1998, Staumann Holding AG became listed on the Swiss stock exchange. Straumann sold €577m worth of products in 2011 and it employs over 2,000 people. Its product offering includes surgical, restorative and regenerative solutions – from bone augmentation and tissue regeneration, through implants and prosthetics, to individualized crowns and bridges. The Group manufactures implant system components and instruments in Switzerland and the US and dental tissue regeneration products in Sweden. Its restorative products are manufactured in Europe and the US.


The implants in the Straumann Dental Implant System are used to replace individual teeth, to carry multi-unit bridges, and to attach fixed or removable full dentures. All implants are made from Roxolid®, or titanium grade 4. Roxolid® is a titanium-zirconimum alloy which combines the strength of the material alloy with faster osseointegration. Straumann uses the SLActive surface on its implant systems. The SLActive results in faster osteointegration, reduced healing times of 3-4 weeks and higher treatment predicability. Immediate and early loading with Straumann® SLActive implants yields excellent survival rates (98 % and 97 % after 1 year).


Straumann has three variations of its surface level implant system:


  • The Straumann Standard Implant has a smooth neck section of 2.8 mm and is especially suitable for classic one-stage procedures. It has been the proven solution for predictable treatment outcomes for more than a decade in all indications of dental implantology.
  • The Straumann Standard Plus Implant, with the reduced neck height of 1.8 mm, offers additional options in implant insertion taking into account the biologic width.
  • The Straumann Tapered Effect implant combines a cylindrical shape in its apical region and a conical shape in the coronal region. This special anatomical design makes this implant particularly suitable for immediate or early implantation following extraction or loss of natural teeth.


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