Gum Contouring
What is gum contouring?


If you are not happy with the shape of your gums, gum contouring is a procedure that will adjust your gum line. Also known as gum reshaping or tissue sculpting it a cosmetic dental procedure that removes some of the gum tissue which covers your teeth. It is often used to improve the appearance of someone’s smile where their gums come down too far over their teeth, which is sometimes referred to as a ‘gummy smile’.

What does the procedure involve?


To reshape your gums a dentist will use a scalpel or a laser and takes place under local anaesthetic. Your dentist will use the scalpel or laser to trim away the excess gum tissue that is covering part of your teeth. In some cases the dentist may also need to remove some of the bones in your gums aswell to create a lasting effect. Your dentist will discuss this with you if this is the case.


It can take up to a few weeks for your gums to recover completely from the surgery. Recovery times are usually quicker if the surgery is carried out using a laser as it helps to seal the blood vessels and reduces bleeding. Your dentist will give you some advice as to how to smooth the recovery process. It can be helped with over the counter pain killers (avoid aspirin as this can cause bleeding), eating soft, cool foods and avoiding spicy foods.


If you notice excessive swelling or bleeding after the surgery then it is advisable to contact your dentist. If too much gum tissue is removed it can make it difficult for the area to heal properly and further treatment may be required to correct it.

What are the benefits of gum contouring?


The main advantages of gum contouring are:


  • It is a relatively painless procedure. Local anaesthetic can be used to numb any pain that is experienced and a good dentist should ensure that any pain felt afterwards is minimal.
  • The healing process is relatively quick and is quicker if a laser is used as part of the surgery.
  • The procedure can improve the appearance of your smile and give you more confidence to smile publicly.


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