• Used for: Crooked or stained teeth, gaps & smile makeovers
  • Treatment length: 2 – 3 weeks
  • Cost: £400 – £800 per lumineeer

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What are lumineers?


Lumineers are similar to veneers and can help to correct most of the cosmetic problems as veneers. They are made from Porcelain and fit over any damaged, chipped or miscoloured teeth to give them a white appearance. They can also be used to fill in gaps in teeth.

What is the difference between lumineers and veneers?


Lumineers are effectively a type of veneer that are made from a special patented cerinate porcelain that is very strong but much thinner than traditional laboratory-fabricated veneers. The key advantage that lumineers have over veneers is that they are ultra thin (think of a contact lens) and can be placed directly onto the tooth. They do not require any of the tooth to be shaved to prepare for the placement and create a fit. This leaves your teeth intact and means that the veneers can be removed as the tooth it covers should not be damaged as part of the process of fitting the lumineer.


Lumineers are a patented product manufactured by Cerinate. They are only available from dentists who are registered with Cerinate. They are manufactured in the Cerinate Smile Design Studio in the States and have in been in use for over 20 years now. Lumineers can be placed in two visits and they also offer a one hour option.


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