Implant Direct Implants

Implant Direct was founded by Dr Gerald Niznick in 2004 and launched its first implants in 2006. Dr Niznick was the founder of the Paragon Dental Implant Company (1982 – 2001) which he sold to Zimmer Dental. The Screw-Vent internal hex implant that he invented in 1986 is still the backbone of Zimmer’s dental implant system 25 years later. In December, 2010, Sybron Dental Solutions, a division of the NYSE listed Danaher Corporation, acquired a 75% interest in Implant Direct. This resulted in most SDS Implants being phased out and Implant Direct manufacturing and marketing any remaining SDS implants.


Implant Direct has been successful by producing low cost copies of the implants produced by the major implant companies. Implant Direct claim to have captured 4% of the global market by offering implants at a 1/3 of the price of major implant producers.


One result of the SDS merger was that Implant Direct became responsible for manufacturing and distributing the Pitt-Easy Implants. ORALTRONICS, founded in Bremen in 1979, initially produced the implant, until it was taken over by Sybon Dental Specialities in 2005.


  • Pitt-Easy Implants combine the properties of a tapered implant body and the advantages of a self-tapping expansion thread system. The unique implant design facilitates quick and uncomplicated insertion and allows for immediate stability in all bone types. The system’s multiple diameters, lengths and prosthetic options provide an optimal solution for virtually any indication.


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