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Alpha-Bio Tec is an Israeli implant manufacturer started in 1988. Its breakthrough came in 2003 when its developers created what became the NobelActive, the implant with the novel thread pattern. The advantage of this implant is that “it doesn’t cut cut through bone, it presses through it like a cork-screw”, according to Haaretz.


In Feb 2008, it was acquired by Nobel Biocare for a consideration of US$95m. It is the market leader in Israel with over 60% market share and is sold in over 40 countries. Its low cost/good quality formula is proving popular in high growth countries such as India, Russia and other Eastern European and Latin American countries. It had 120 employees at the time of acquisition. Alpha-Bio Tec was appealing to Nobel Biocare to enter new and fast-growing market segments, adopt its leading position in Israel, its attractive pipeline and strong innovation skills.


These days, it produces implants, prosthetics, accompanying aids and bone and tissue regeneration products. It produces 5 permanent implant systems, which undergo a treatment to produce an outer titanium oxide surface, which is apparently conducive for osseointegration:


  • Spiral Implant – Its easy insertion and very high initial stability lend it to use with all bones types and in compromised situations. It is a good solution for immediate placing and immediate loading
  • Dual Fit Implant is a tapered implant allowing for the implant to be placed in the ideal position for improved esthetics and better load distribution. The DFI is suitable for all bone types.
  • The ATDI Dual Implant is a straight wall implant. It can be used with all bone types, but is recommended for bone types I, II. ie hard and dense bone structure
  • The Arrow Press Implant is a threaded self tapping one piece implant with an integrated abutment designed for single stage surgical procedures and cement restorations. The ARRP is especially designed for narrow ridges and tight spaces, for placement with small bone width and small prosthetic spaces. The ARRP is suitable for all bone types and for immediate loading.
  • The Arrow Press Changable Implant is a unique threaded self tapping implant, especially designed for narrow ridges and tight spaces. With its designated prosthetic parts, the ARRC implant offers maximal flexibility in rehabilitation options, enabling the best results for various implantation procedures as well as for immediate loading. The ARRC is suitable for all bone types.


Retrospective clinical data obtained from Alpha Bio-Rec shows its implants achieve an overall clinical success rate of 98.3% and a 99.6% clinical success rate when using the immediate loading procedure.


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